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Lens Cleaning Wipes – 30 Pack

Experience the ultimate cleaning convenience with Nano Magic’s 30 Pack Lens Cleaning Wipes. Stash a hand full in your desk, bathroom or center console of your car so they’re always there when you need one!

  • STREAK-FREE: Our nanotech-infused formula has been specially engineered to dry quickly, leaving your lenses streak and haze free
  • SAFE & NON-ABRASIVE: Our lens cleaner is pH neutral, silicon free, and fluorine free making it safe on anti glare and anti reflective coatings. Our towelettes are gentle enough to use on any lenses
  • REMOVES GUNK ON THE GO: Our towelettes effectively remove skin oils, dust, smudges, dirt, make-up, and/or hairspray from your glasses and screen surfaces. Conveniently sized to fit in a purse, backpack, briefcase, or even your back pocket
  • MADE IN AMERICA: All Nano Magic products are proudly manufactured in metro Detroit, Michigan
  • TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS: For over 35 years, our lens cleaning solutions have been trusted by opticians and eyecare professionals across the country
  • 30 Lens and Tech Cleaning Wipes


Ingredients and caution info.

How To Use


remove wipe from pouch


wipe away grime


crystal-clear vision!

Powered By Science, Works Like Magic
  • Streak free
  • Haze free
  • Make fingerprints vanish
  • Stays cleaner longer



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