Force Field™ Windshield Protection XL Kit

Nano Magic® Force Field™ windshield solution creates a hydrophobic, non-stick barrier that repels rain and protects against bugs, salt, and whatever the flock of birds flying overhead decides to bomb on your windshield. Our all-in-one kit includes everything you need to improve your driving visibility, response time, and keep your windshield clear all year-round. Our XL Kit includes 2 bottles of Force Field™ windshield solution so you can coat the windshields of 2 vehicles.

  • BONUS BOTTLE: Treat 2 windshields with 1 kit
  • CONVENIENT: We love convenience, so we made sure to include everything you need for the best possible application.
  • EASY & QUICK: Our simple 4 step process takes less than 15 minutes to complete.
  • IMPROVES SAFETY: Improves visibility by 34% on rainy nights, adding a full second to driver response time. At 60mph, that’s an extra 88 feet of pavement to avoid a potential accident!
  • LONG LASTING: Our nanotech-powered Force Field™ solution works into the tiny crevices in your windshield, forming a super strong bond and smooth surface that lasts up to a year!
  • MADE IN AMERICA: All Nano Magic products are proudly manufactured in metro Detroit, Michigan.
  • COVERAGE: Each 15mL bottle of Force FieldTM solution will cover approximately 20sqft (the area of a typical windshield).
  • 2 x 15mL Force Field™ solution bottles
  • 6oz Windshield Cleaning Spray
  • Telescoping Squeegee
  • 1 Pair of Gloves
  • 2 Large Microfiber Cloths


Ingredients and caution info.

How To Use

Powered By Science, Works Like Magic
  • Repels rain and
  • Reduces bug guts
  • Protects from road salt



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